How to Seduce Your Friend

Attempts to seduce a friend have nothing to do with a completely new relationship since success largely depends on the reliability of existing friendships. Such an adventure involves significant risk of losing a friend. Nevertheless, if you correctly assess the situation and do everything correctly, then the result may exceed expectations.

Be a good friend

First, you need to make sure of your friendship and just think about something more. This situation is much more complicated than trying to seduce another person you like. If you are already friends, then they consider your actions in the context of their perception of you, and not just as an attempt to seduce them. Friendship is different, but there are always some common features between it and relationships. If you don’t succeed, don’t worry, there are thousands of local girls to date that you can meet online.

Spend time together regularly

Usually, the more time people of the opposite sex spend together, the higher the likelihood of mutual sympathy. Before proceeding directly to seduction, it is important to see each other regularly. Invite a person to meet if you rarely spend time together. Even simple friendly communication increases the chances of success. You can see each other in the company, but in this case, the likelihood of proximity is reduced. One-on-one meetings are completely different because in this way two people take time directly to each other.

Wait for a meeting in private

It is unlikely that you will try to seduce a person in a crowded place. Intimacy is needed for intimacy. You can wait until the party ends, or just invite a friend to your place. A calm and secluded environment is very important since in such a situation it is better to do without external pressure.

Express your interest through light touches

Touching is an important aspect of flirting. This behavior helps break down the barrier that holds friends back. Light touches can mean both a friendly hug and a brief touch of the hands. Such actions are not associated with significant risk, but according to the reaction of a person, you can assess your chances of success.

Flirt while talking

If you already freely and naturally communicate with a person, then it is easy for you to maintain a conversation. After that, start flirting in the process of such conversations. For starters, you can gently tease the interlocutor. Compliments, especially emphasizing the external merits of a friend, are a direct way to show your interest. An example of a playful flirt: “That’s a cool hairstyle. It really suits you.”

Rate the reaction of a friend

An important step to take before the final assault is to think about how your friend reacts to flirting. If they sincerely smile when you touch them, or teases you in return, then this is a good sign. And vice versa, if at such moments a friend is embarrassed, it is better to abandon their intentions. The psyche of each person is an individual. If you are friends, you probably have at least a general idea of ​​how your friend reacts to the people they like.

Take the bold step

With any attempt at seduction, the moment of truth comes. Most often, such a moment becomes a kiss, although it appears as an obvious commentary of a sexual or romantic nature. If a friend responded positively to previous attempts to show interest, then proceed to the next step. Often a friendship barrier destroys a kiss on the lips. If the right moment has come, then no need to hesitate. In this case, do not rush. This step is difficult, so do not rush.