The Choice Between AT&T and Comcast

If you ask most people which companies are the most difficult to work with it is a sure bet that one or both of the above companies are mentioned. The problem is that both companies have services and products that most of us have deemed vital for our daily lives. Thus all of us are faced with the dilemma of utilizing the services and products of a company that is sure to raise your blood pressure if you have any dealings with them. From the author’s perspective, customer service is a misnomer when used in conjunction with either ATT or Comcast. However, it is not just the author’s opinion.

Consumer Reports gave AT & T its lowest rankings for its voice services as it is the only wireless carrier in the United States to receive below-average marks for quality and service. Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint all received average or better marks, but once again the largest carrier was not up to par. The confusing thing is that AT & T also was found to have the most expensive coverage among all the major carriers as an average. Over 50,000 customers were asked to rank the major players in this field and AT & T consistently ranked at the bottom. In 2011, this survey was repeated and the rankings were even lower for AT & T.

In TV coverage, AT & T ranks even lower. Out of 817 comments regarding Uverse customer service, an overwhelming 766 comments were negative vs. a dismal 51 positive comments. Maybe it is time for AT & T to study the dynamics of their customer base. It is the author’s contention that if there is a viable alternative to AT & T, then customers will flock to the alternative rather than abuse themselves by dealing with a substandard company support system.

Comcast can also take a message from AT & T. Their customer satisfaction is now ranked at an all time low. According to the latest American Consumer Satisfaction Index not only is Comcast ranked at their lowest level only, consumers believe their customer service is getting worse rather than improving. The author would rather go to the dentist and have a tooth pulled than spend 30 minutes dealing with Comcast customer service!

Only the airline industry have average customer satisfaction levels below these two companies. In the author’s estimation, this is a slam to the airline industry. As a frequent traveler, the airlines do a much better job than either AT & T or Comcast.

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