How to Save Friendship After Sex

Just imagine, you look at your friend and think to yourself, “why don’t we have sex?” After all, you like each other, you know quite a lot about each other, so why not enjoy some sex together? Well, there are some risks, and some friendships are never the same after intimacy.

Accept the consequences

The consequences of seduction can be both positive and extremely negative. Friendship can be a reason for a one-time pleasure or even a long relationship. On the other hand, the situation can quickly become awkward and sensitive. In the latter case, it is best to openly discuss what has happened in order to establish friendship (provided that you need it). Tell us about your feelings and the reasons that prompted you to take such a step. It’s better not to pry why a friend refused you. Think that failure can cause mutual bitterness. If all is lost, then accept the loss. Not everything happens in accordance with our plan, especially in the context of relationships.

Discuss the situation

If the attempt at temptation is unsuccessful, then a moment of awkwardness will come between you. Use it as an opportunity to discuss the situation and share your feelings. Such a step will weaken the consequences of failure, but it is necessary if you want to maintain a friendship. Confess your feelings honestly. If a friend tries to turn the situation into a joke, it is better to follow their example and quickly forget about what happened. Otherwise, try to discuss the situation as friends. A person must understand that they mean a lot to you as a friend, despite the attraction that has arisen. Start the conversation with these words: “I understand what it looks like. I really like you, but I also consider you my close friend. I hope that our friendship will not end.”

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Move on

After trying the temptation, you should live on, no matter how it ends. You can stay friends, start dating, or end a relationship. The consequences can be very different, but even in the worst case, we have no reason to suffer. In life, it is important to take the consequences of your decisions and learn from mistakes. Forgive yourself as soon as possible, even if you regret what happened. In the end, you can already be proud that you were not afraid to take a chance.

If the attempt failed and friendship came to an end, then try to fill the emotional void with new sensations. Take care of yourself. A person recovers faster after emotional experiences if they find something to do. Do not take the situation to heart. Move on and try to make life more interesting.

If the temptation failed, but you remained friends, then try to communicate as before. It will be easier for you to maintain a friendship if you can discuss what happened.

If at first you were refused, but you managed to maintain a friendship, then over time the guy will understand how much it means to you. If you do not return to this question, then the friend can change their mind and understand that you are made for each other.

Assess the chances of success

If you are already friends with a person, then you can try to assess your chances of success based on current communication. Do you sometimes flirt with each other? Is a friend dating someone? Do you think they find you attractive? If the answer to one of these questions is not in your favor, then do not rush to despair. Try to use your capabilities wisely. Change to match your friend’s perception of a potential partner.