Our Next President Must be a Republican

Our next president of the United States must be a Republican. It does not matter if it be Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney. It just cannot be Barack Obama! Our country cannot withstand the onslaught of another four years of the Obama administration. With businesses all over this country suffering and the future of our financial health at great risk, one must come to the undeniable truth that we must have a Republican in the White House to survive economically. Our standard of living has never been so poor. Our financial health has never been more tenuous. Our economy has never been so dependent on foreign oil and investments. We have leveraged the financial future of our children and grandchildren to simply survive in Obama’s economic mire.

However, it is not just the domestic finances that is the bane of President Obama. His naivety on the foreign policy of this country is downright dangerous. He purports he wants to be everyone’s friend an apologize for the sins of American. However, what other countries hear is his weakness and lack of policy conviction that is changing the dynamics of our world position and power. The situation in Iran is dangerous and his mixed signals are exacerbating an already volatile situation. Without a scintilla of doubt, Israel is our strongest ally. However, time and again Obama has decided to discount this vital ally in favor of empty promises from hostile nations. His plan for Afghanistan is to stick our tail between our legs and simply run. What does this say about all the brave young men who sacrificed their lives for our country? No- it is time to stop him in his tracks. We must have a republican conservative in charge of our country to restore our superiority in world respect and ranking.

Voters are deciding between the three main frontrunners in the Republican primary. The author has dwindling hopes that Newt Gingrich will be chosen. This seems to be a long shot. But regardless who the nominee is; we must rally behind him to overturn the disastrous efforts of Obama.

President Obama is my president. He is your president. However, he is a very poor representative for this great nation. We deserve and demand better. Let’s band together to make sure our next president is a Republican President!

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